A New Cardiac Pacemaker

A New Cardiac Pacemaker

Trialing a device that could cure heart failure

Heart failure is a progressive disease, and it has no cure. Current treatments are only able to slow its development. But researchers at Manaaki Mānawa have developed a new form of cardiac pacemaker, which is now ready for clinical trials. Your generous support can help us start testing this device on patients who need it, and see if these lifesaving results can transform the way we treat heart failure globally.

“It looks as if it’s actually reversing heart failure, which would be the first ever medication or therapy that does. We have an opportunity as a nation to do something different to anything that’s ever been seen before.”

Professor Julian Paton, Director, Manaaki Manawa, University of Auckland

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Here are some articles that our researchers are involved in

Reverse re-modelling chronic heart failure by reinstating heart rate variability

By J. Shanks, Y. Abukar, N. A. Lever, M. Pachen, I. J. LeGrice, D. J. Crossman, A. Nogaret, J. F. R. Paton & R. Ramchandra

The Use of Pacemaker Impedance Data for Breath-by-Breath Respiration Sensing

K. Ghafouri, J. Paton, K. Coley, M. White, V. Day, A. Wilson, A. Hussein, A. Wilson, L. Walker, L. Simms, G. Mackin, K. Timmins, M. Stiles