Our Research

Ā mātou rangahau

Our Research

Manaaki Manawa researchers are undertaking innovative research projects to address the problem of cardiovascular disease and improve heart health equity in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Model

“What we’re setting up here is better identification, better prediction, and hence, better treatment strategies for patients.” 

New Cardiac Pacemaker

“It looks as if it’s actually reversing heart failure, which would be the first ever medication or therapy that does. We have an opportunity as a nation to do something different to anything that’s ever been seen before.”
Professor Julian Paton (Director)

Cardiac inherited disease registry

“Our research is making an important, life-saving impact. Many of our cases are young, healthy and productive members of the community and their death has a profound impact. Understanding more about those disorders allows us to ‘Detect, Protect and Enable’ these bereaved families.”
Dr Martin Stiles, Cardiologist

Hypertension Research

Hypertension (elevated blood pressure) is thought to affect more than half the adults in the world. It can lead to heart failure, heart attacks and stroke. Manaaki Manawa have some bright new ideas on how it might be controlled using natural products and methodologies.

Rheumatic Heart Disease Research

Rheumatic Heart Disease is a disease that disproportionately impacts those facing the greatest inequity from the poorest resourced areas. In New Zealand 600-800 people are diagnosed with it every year with about 150-200 people dying as a result of the disease. Tragically, those most affected by RHD are young people, and they are disproportionately Māori and Pacific People. Manaaki Manawa is using cutting edge technology to develop personalise valve replacement.

Multi-Ethnic New Zealand Study of Acute Coronary Syndrome (MENZACS)

“MENZACS is role modelling how research can support achieving equitable health outcomes for Māori and Pacific people.”

Dr Anna Rolleston, Director, Centre for Health (Tauranga) Co-Chair, Māori rōpū kaitaiki, Manaaki Manawa